Thursday, September 25, 2008

I heart old people

Last night, I gave a presentation on the importance of free markets in the development of South Africa. It was to fifty senior citizens at my grandparents' "active" living community. It was so much fun! My grandmother thinks I did well because so many people come in and talk down to them just because they are old and I just talked to them normally. First of all, it's a shame people would disrespect their elders like that. Secondly, these people are fascinating! I met a Jewish man who escaped the Nazis in Holland. A man who designed the machine that prints U.S. currency. Women who have travelled the globe and had the most insightful questions. It was such a pleasure to meet them all.

And it is always a pleasure to share my passion about free markets. This article by Jasson Urbach of the Free Market Foundation in South Africa pretty much sums up how I feel. He makes the case for private enterprise and long-term growth based on the foundations of personal and economic freedoms as the necessary elements for the future wealth and health of Zimbabwe.

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