Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I thought the Amish couldn't use modern technology so I was surprised when I stumbled upon the following page created by an Amish person selling Amish wares. Then I found this Amish Furniture Review site which looks like it was created by a non-Amish person. But it got me the Amish really only market their goods by word of mouth or do they cheat...just a little?

Question: Is the internet exempt from the Amish's technology ban?


Lex said...

How could you tell that the first page was created by an Amish person? I couldn't tell how you thought that. I've always figured that their business savvy neighbors and friends always helped them in the mondern business markets.

Whitney Lynne said...

I think I got that impression from the comments section - thanks for "your furniture" - "your handcrafting" etc. Now that I revisit it, I don't see anything definitive. I'm still curious how the Amish market their wares though.