Friday, September 11, 2009

I would have done well in finishing school

If I had my way, I'd be a modern day version of those women in Jane Austen novels. I'd be well educated, well read, articulate, demure but assertive when need be...and I'd know how to draw, paint, sew, play piano, and speak at least three different languages. There just never seems to be enough time!

I was reminded of this ill-fated aspiration of mine when I read this op-ed in Forbes this morning - "What about Motherhood?" - in which the author suggested to his 18 year old daughter that perhaps he should send her to a two year finishing school in Switzerland rather than college. After all, what does the American college do to prepare a young woman to be a wife and mother? Practically nothing! You may become well-educated but with college standards and requirements evaporating most women can't really be considered "well read" anymore and few colleges require the languages. Maybe if colleges required some finance, home economics, and cooking? But such suggestions are blasphemy to the liberal academia.

I would have done welll in finishing school.


Adwell said...

I think you'd do well in the private Catholic university I'm attending for my Master's in English or Humanities. :-P

Whitney Lynne said...

dude, erin love, are you going to the University of Dallas?! I almost went there for my masters in political science. I think I would have liked it :)