Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Recap

A friend from Texas asked me what I did this weekend, and I don't think I did it justice so here's take two.

I woke up begrudgingly early to work a booth at a vast right wing conspiracy conference until a lovely intern showed up (30 minutes late) to take over my duties. Then, I strolled over to Pentagon City Mall to meet up with Amanda, Jana, and Kate to review Amanda's bridal hair-do and pick up some badass designer jeans. Jeff from Denim Bar talked me into a light wash (gasp, I know). Next, we ladies luncheoned outdoors in the beautiful weather. The experience was only slightly besmirched by an exboyfriend sighting but quickly righted by our next destination: Nordstroms. Ahhh, the peace that comes from entering this culmination of capitalist perfection. After a mere hour enjoying the comforts of the establishment, I had to return to the conference to work the last couple hours. Next, home for a nap...that only lasted 20 minutes before a galpal called me with a boy counseling. Then, I donned my outfit for the evening and drove downtown to Levante for an outdoor meal with the lovely Leigh Ann and dancing with some long lost pals at the Darlington House in Dupont (mondo cool venue to rent out - note to self). Evening ended with a quite colorful X-rated meander down P street to my car - not fit for publication. Nightmares followed.

Burnt the candle at both ends to wake up for church. Decided yes, it's ok to wear the same dress as I did to Dupont last night to church this morning (but with flats and a cardigan). Picked up darling Denise for church and caught up with her post-service over coffee and pastries at St. Elmos in Del Ray (I HAD been there after all - quite cozy but it aint no Murky). After dropping Denise off at home, I had every intention of going home to do my Microecon homework but found two of my three neighbor boys locked out of their humble abode in nothing but their boxers. Keep in mind, it's like 12:30 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Long story short, they take refuge in my living room to wait for the locksmith while I go upstairs to study when five minutes later I hear "There's a sale at the Fashion Boutique!" OMG the neighbor boys Alex and Frank have set up Mall Madness - I have to go play with them. As soon as the locksmith arrives, it's time for me to leave for another right wing/liberty loving conspiracy event, Crabfest! Beautiful weather, venue, people, and crabs - what more could a girl want? Basically for my Cowboys to win, which they didn't. But I did have someone to assuage my grief with scrumptious baked goods. ;) Not too shabby of a weekend. Finally, home to attempt the microecon problem set due the next day.

Pretty par for Whitney's course.

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