Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mentally and emotionally exhausted

I completed a marathon doubleheader at the library this weekend (with a respite to bake about a 12 dozen cookies and host a party) and successfully completed one final, but can't seem to get over the hump on my statistics final. It's not that I don't know what I'm doing - I kinda do - it's that I'm paralyzed by fear. The fear of incorrectly labelling my data, setting up the dummy variables, and getting rid of the outliers because if I mess the setup up the rest of it is screwed.

Then there's this odd tension at work that won't seem to go away. Management is stressed so everyone else is stressed and add unto that year-end reviews. ugh

All of the Christmas presents I have bought are stacked in a corner of my room. I can't necessarily remember who gets what, but I know I'm done shopping! I have yet to start wrapping or writing Christmas cards.

Then there's my erie and persistent maternal urge for a puppy. Yes, in part I'm trying to replace a boyfriend. My mother doesn't approve. She says that I should put my energy into finding a boyfriend not a puppy. It's not like I don't date. I do - the boys just don't seem to have the follow through lately...but that story is for a different type of blog.


Lauren Jacks said...

Holidays are so crazy! Finals too! We're dealing with it all at our house... but I squeezed in some time to link to you on our blog at

Best of luck on your stat final and travel safely... miss you!

Rebecca said...

1- I say ignore your mother Re: the puppy. Puppies are better than boyfriends. AND
they can be trained.

2- A puppy won't replace a need for a boyfriend.

3- 13 days until XMas has passed once more!