Monday, January 5, 2009

Buzzkill of the day

It's no secret that my mother is depressed, but at what point is it necessary to get her supervision? I call her (nearly) everyday. I've researched psychiatrists and she's finally going to a new one in two weeks. I write Christmas and thank you cards to obscure family friends in hopes that they will reconnect with my mother. I'm convinced that even if I lived with her she would be no better. I can't force her out of bed or to stick to a schedule. And still she vacillates between calling me her "angel" and claiming I don't love her.

Anyone else dealt with a depressed loved one - any advice?

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Timothy said...

My Mom is much the same way due to her similar condition: very depressed and losing willpower. We should have a talk about this and compare notes and ideas. I'm worried about her...