Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This post is primarily aimed at my Texan friends who will understand the novelty.

It finally snowed this morning! I woke up to the winter wonderland I always dreamed of as a child but was denied. Things that interest me/excite me about snow:
  • It's beautiful.
  • It's wetter than you think - perfect excuse for me to wear my pink galoshes
  • Everything is quieter when it snows. Everything is muffled, but there is this faint sound of snow settling on the earth that is just so peaceful.
  • I get to gaze out of my office window (see pic at right) and watch the circuitous path of the snowflakes through the air.
  • People seem happier - oh wait that's probably just me!


Lex said...

I love snow too, but it was the perfect excuse for me to not head to the gym for a run this morning. Not so novel for a midwesterner like be, but long over due in DC this winter!!!!

Timothy said...

On my way back from the gym this morning (sorry, Lex) at about 7am, the snowflakes were HUGE! One of them fell on my nose and it almost covered my whole nose (and I don't have a small nose)!

I, too, like the quietness of things when it snows-- everything is so peaceful and bright... It's hard not to be happy inside...

Lex said...

Way to rub it in! I went later, Tim!

Rebecca said...

I went sledding at midnight in St. Louis. It was the most beautiful night ever...I wish you would have been here!