Sunday, January 4, 2009

My pennies aren't good enough?!

Scene: outside the American History Museum on a sunny winter day. A saxophone player is jamming on the sidewalk.

Me: "Oh, I love street musicians" I reach into my purse to empty my change into the man's saxophone case.

Musician: "Finally! Someone figures it out." As I empty all of the change from my wallet.

Musician: "Nevermind - I don't want your damn pennies!"

Since when are my coins not good enough!? Is it really that insulting to dump a couple dollars worth of change into a musician's case? I was flabbergasted and tempted to pick my coins back up, but just walked away with my righteous indignation instead.

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Amanda said...

Don't let his overwhelming frustration get the best of you, perhaps he was having a bad day and was not capable of showing gratitude. I am sure there are many people who would think your pennies were valuable. Like my mom for instance who still counts out pennies at the grocery store if the price is say $10.07. When I smirk at her she reminds me that pennies still count!