Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting stoked about my China trip

If you find good China articles over the next few weeks, send them my way. I just realized I have to read like 500 pages before I go plus the two tourguide books I want to skim through and earmark for things to do in my freetime. Thankfully, a few of the major items are taken care of for me - like the Great Wall!

And shout-out to my girl, May Chen, I love that I'm going to get to see her when I'm in Hong Kong. I'm a little nervous about what partying with her entails, but I'll come prepared!


Lost in Americana said...

Visit Shanghai, the naughty sister of Beijing:


Gary said...

You have to buy a Mao watch at Tiananmen Square. It'll cost less than $5 (after bargaining), it won't work for very long, but the waving Mao is just exceptionally cool.

And enjoy the dim sum in Hong Kong!