Monday, April 20, 2009

A Majority Female Workforce? - The Daily Beast

Is a new gender gap widening? According to the Financial Times, records show the biggest gap between male and female unemployment since collection began in 1948, as men bear the brunt of the economic downturn. Men have lost 80 percent of the overall 5.1 m

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Adwell said...

My vote? Men are more expendable. :-)

But really, men earn more. And hold higher ranking positions within companies. When they start to fold, middle-management gets hit. But the BIG bosses won't fire their sex-retaries.

And women enter professions better guarded against recessions: teachers and nurses. And prostitutes.

Whitney Lynne said...

Hello Erin Love! Spoken like a true feminist and that's an interesting point about women being dominant in recession-proof occupations.

But see the good ole conservative girl in me laments headlines like this. Women outnumber men in colleges and soon might even outnumber them in non-recessionary times because of feminist measures to emasculate/feminize our boys -