Thursday, April 2, 2009

the official Whitney got hit by a car story

(I wrote this yesterday for facebook so I wouldn't have to repeat the details over and over)

Yesterday morning, I was walking to work from the metro. I was on the north side of L street about to cross 13th, but I had to wait for the light. So like any sane pedestrian, I waited for the cute little white walking man symbol to tell me to proceed. Being a fast walker, I broke ahead of the few others crossing with me - I had 20+ seconds to go on the walking sign countdown when BAM. And I do mean, BAM.

No, I did not see or hear the SUV coming. I'm told I must have blacked out, but I do remember thinking, "Oh my God, I'm being hit by a car" and being vaguely aware of flying limbs.
I was only out shortly, but my first thoughts were - I still have all of my limbs - where the hell are my shoes? They were several yards away. Yes, I was knocked out of my shoes and my purse was also several yards away in a different direction. I started to sit up, but then realized "Whitney you have been hit by a car - perhaps you shouldn't move"

Having always depended upon the kindness of strangers, I just sat there balling my eyes out and assessing my bodily harm without moving. A lovely woman who I will probably never meet again held my hand and was such a Godsend during those scary minutes while we waited for the ambulance (did I mention the fact that there was a fire station half a block away -within sight- and those good for nothing lazy bums never came out). I saw someone point out the SUV that hit me so it wasn't a hit and run but I never saw the woman driver. Another couple people called 911 and another man asked if I wanted him to call someone else. \I miraculously remembered the new office phone number and thought it best to call work bc they were only half a block away. Perhaps someone could come out and come to the hospital with me?

Next thing I know I'm being strapped to a very uncomfortable board with a very uncomfortable neckbrace and taken to the E.R. at GW hospital. Once at the E.R., I was handled by about a dozen people simultaneously as they assessed my wounds and made sure nothing was critical. The most tragic thing about this incident is that they cut a lovely Audrey Hepburn number of a dress right off my body. They wouldn't let me rolll to one side so they could unzip it. So sad!

Well goodness, after reading all of this you probably want to know how I am. I am fine! (relatively speaking) I do feel really beaten up or rather I feel like I've been hit by an SUV, but nothing is broken. They kept me overnight in that blasted neckbrace for observation since I blacked out. I couldn't remember what part of my body hit the ground and/or SUV first so they were worried I knocked my head. All of my Xrays and CT scans came back clean. Basically, I landed on my bum which will be black, blue, and green for the forseeable future and then bounced forward onto my knees which are scrapped up and then fell onto my left-hand side so my arm is banged up, but I think it was my arm that saved my head from the pavement. So I am now home in bed with my Percocet and chocolates. I think I'll take a nap now.

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