Friday, June 26, 2009

"How to Argue Like Jesus"

Admittedly I have not read this book How to Argue Like Jesus yet, but I can vouch for one of the authors and I think it's a cool concept. Anywho, John Facebooked all his friends, and said I could win a free book if I linked to a recent interview John and his coauthor Joe did for Christian Book Notes. So here you go!

How to Argue Like Jesus examines the life and words of Jesus and describes the various ways in which he sought—through the spoken word, his life, and his disciples—to reach others with his message. The authors then pull some very simple rhetorical lessons from Jesus’ life that readers can use today.

Both Christian and non-Christian leaders in just about any field can improve their ability to communicate effectively by studying the words and methods of history’s greatest communicator.

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John Coleman said...

Hey, Whitney! Thanks for the link and for your thoughts. I hope you win! If you ever find yourself in Boston, please let me know.