Friday, June 12, 2009

Quintessentially Arlington, VA

So there are some places that give Arlington a little more character than this video/rap gives it credit for, but I thought my out of town friends would be amused to see a little slice of life of where I currently live. For my DC peeps, this is mucho entertaining as well!


Just moved to a new hood
and it's straight up gangsta
Let me show you around...
my town

People all around
better know the deal
that the people in this town
are ghetto for real

So when people tell me
Remy, where you calling from?
I say a straight up thug town
called Arlington

It's a real tough town
packing heat and boat shoes
my crib's in a rough spot
right next to the Whole Foods

I'm ducking gunfire daily
check to see if one got me
but that's just life in the hood
when I go get my puffed kashi

But we never do ... more

1 comment:

Adwell said...

That's hilarious. Especially from about a min and 15 seconds until about 2 mins 30 secs.

I actually feel quite the same about Arlington, TX. My students think they live the "straight up gutta-thug" life. Haha! If they only knew.