Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The silver lining to Obama

When (if) Obama wins, I will take consolation in the following:
  • Obama's mere appearance, ethnicity, and demeanor should get us mad street cred internationally (wouldn't it be nice if he could just be a pr rep for the U.S. with no power? I'd hire him!).
  • The Republicans will have to take a long, hard look at themselves. Hopefully, they'll come back in 2012 more put together and with a firmer grasp on the future direction of the party.
  • "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." The Dems are bound to screw up controlling 2/3 branches of government.
  • For all practical purposes, we're getting the same bag of tricks whether Obama or McCain wins.
But tonight, I will seek solace in the bottom of a bottle amongst friends.

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eric said...

The Republicans I'm sure will try to come back in 2012 with their own young, hip, "rock star" candidate, be it Palin or Jindal, but in absolute change elections like 06 and today, it will be quite a long time before the Republicans can mount a serious comeback enough to change their own party's thoughts on them (not to mention moderates or independents). I don't think the Dems will win 3 consecutive Presidential elections but Obama will be given 2 terms.

And to say McCain and Obama white houses would be interchangable is obscene. You know very well the policy differences between the 2, both domestic and internationally, and it is the instant ringing credibility from outside countries looking at us as again being the beacon on the hill / melting pot electing an African American candidate (and for the 5th consecutive election rejecting the candidate with a better war record) that I am most proud of. Maybe this time around our allies will respect our politics of acceptance and incorporation, rather than Bush's failed 2 terms of unilateral egotism.

2 cents from the most liberal person you've probably ever dated. ;-)