Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winning...the American Way

We tell our children "Winning isn't everything" yet we coddle them to death. The coddling (I think) increasing leads to a sense of entitlement. We are entitled to not be disappointed or we are entitled to get what we want or we are entitled to have the government take care of us. This theme runs through a lot of the popular headlines these days. Hillary Clinton lost because of a glass ceiling. Sarah Palin was ridiculed because she's a woman. If Obama hadn't won, there would be riots in the ghettos. I <3 Thomas Sowell. for explaining why this doesn't make sense:
Apparently, if you don't win, somebody has put up a barrier or a ceiling.
He continues:

Almost by definition, everybody thinks their cause is just. Does that mean that nobody has to obey the rules? That is called anarchy.

Nobody is in favor of anarchy. But some people want everybody else to obey the rules, while they don't have to.

Ahhh, American exceptionalism even applies on the micro level.


eric said...

Palin was not ridiculed bc she was a woman, she was ridiculed bc of her lack of knowledge / experience that she needed to hold the highest office in the land. The interview with Katie Curic solidified thoughts her nomination as VP was an overblown publicity stunt aimed at firing up the conservative base who may not have voted for McCain before. I completely understand the need for a female voice in the White House, but it needs to be less of a polarizing figure than either Clinton or Palin. Obama won bc his message of change was a positive, uniting one, not negative like seemed to be the only thing Eskimo Barbies speech writer could come up with....besides of course that she could see Russia from her house or that she could give catch phrase names to every single blue collar job type in America

Whitney Lynne said...

I'm not saying that's why she was ridiculed, but that's what a lot of pro-Palin people say. Goodness, you were having Palin-bashing remorse weren't you?

eric said...

Yes....even 1 day between Palin-hating is far too long