Monday, November 10, 2008

Tree hugging capitalist

This weekend, I climbed a tree, nestled in, and read a book. I only lasted about 40 minutes in said tree - could have stayed longer with a pillow - but it was quite the enjoyable experience. I found it even more fun because I'm sure people walking by thought I was such the granola. All the while my nose is buried in a book railing against communism.

I'm only halfway through Life and Death in Shanghai, but it's a fabulous autobiographical book about this amazing woman Nien Cheng, and I just have to share! She's a proud Chinese woman who made the mistake of working for a foreign company in Maoist China during the 1950s and 1960s and is persecuted for being such an "imperialist dog." The book begins on the eve of the Cultural Revolution and describes the country's descent into chaos. I'm learning so much about the culture, the history, the politics and from a trusted perspective. Her faith in God and capitalism is inspiring, and something I can really empathize with. Much of what happened in Maoist China seems so absurd - it's humbling to think some of these crimes against humanity could still be going on in China today.

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