Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two men walk into a bar...

Two men walk into a bar and sit down at tables ten feet apart from one another. Both are white, tall, thin, brown haired professional men - one slightly better looking than the other. Five minutes later a cute twenty something girl walks into the bar. Although she walked in rather quickly, she now slowly walks around the bar. The two men shift in their seats. I see the girl retreat to the host stand in a panic and pull out her phone. Which man is her date!? You can see it all over her face. Thank God for internet on phones, she must have been able to pull up the guy's picture and she assuredly walks over to the proper gentleman (the less attractive one). Five minutes later a slightly less attractive girl walks in and tentatively looks around the bar before settling in at the table with the more attractive bachelor number two.

Note to self: do not arrange a first date at the Liberty Tavern.

Ahh, the joys of online dating. I'm not ashamed to say I tried it once. It was fun, but true to Whitney form stressed me out like crazy. After reading Tyler Cowen's Discover your Inner Economist earlier this year, I think I might overthink things even more than I did two years ago when I tried it. What am I signalling with my online profile? What does it mean if hundreds of men look at my profile but only a few "wink" (match.com equivalent of facebook poking - sooooo lame). Worse yet, what if I get a ton of winks but no emails?! Being able to have a quantifiable barometer on your attractiveness is not fun. That being said, I might try it again if I get bored with my current options. It is nice to be able to screen people, though facebook often does that for me anyways. ;)

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