Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poetic silence

1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing"

It's a nice theme I try to live my life by. This verse is an even more personal and compelling standard to live up to than not doing anything your mama wouldn't be proud of or that you wouldn't be embarrassed to see published in a newspaper. I may not go to church regularly or study the Bible as much as I should, but Lord knows I pray to him at every opportunity. Whether that's my conscience that answers or actually Him every time, it's a good exercise in reflection. I'm usually sad or disappointed when people run from this introspection, but Tony reminded me today of the foreboding silence. This silence can be intimidating and is perhaps an acquired taste, but to me, it is so peaceful and fulfilling. Meditative yoga has helped me get comfortable with silence and the truth that awaits me there.
It’s easy to see why so many of us — Christians and pagans alike — spend lifetimes running from the living God, our hands stopping our ears, our mouths babbling prayers or blasphemies, all in an effort to avoid the great silence where God speaks to man. That silence is a fearful place, but there is love there, the great love of a parent. There is mercy too, and strength for the uncompleted race.

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